Sette miniature di una stessa famiglia

"unique set of seven miniatures of a family,- Father, mother - five children each signed F.Pietrocola circa 1837-40..."


venduto su ebay,in data 18/11/2011


This was a gift from a New England millionaire to me to keep or sell, I have no expertise on miniatures but I will report my findings.  She bought it from a decorator in New England back in 1991, and does not know the family name.

The frame is shield shaped, approx. 17" high by 16" wide, mahogony and has a few verticle cracks which just may be the seams due to the shape, see photos.The glass is flat and clear, no scratches or cracks. Portraits are mounted on a green satiny fabric which is clean. (you may see shadows in the photo from reflections).The subjects appear to be a father, mother and five daughters, most with red hair and blue eyes, which leads me to believe it could be an Irish family.The back has a 3x5" yellowed card glued to the wood which reads:  
 “ A unique set of seven miniatures of a family- Father, Mother – five children each signed – F. Pietrolcola circa- 1837-40.  There was a P.F. Pietrocola working in the New England States of America – 1800/50 son of an emigrant Italian miniaturist – 1780 et sq??. The sartorial modes and jewelry is within keeping of the period American fashions- The painting is of fine quality in a contemporary mahogany frame."

I do not see signatures on the front of the paintings, maybe they're too small, or if the card is correct, the signatures might be on the back of the paintings, I have not and will not dismantle to look for these; so no guaranties.  I guaranty nothing as to age, origion, value etc.,  so due your due dilligence, no returns, if you are looking at this you already know more than me.  I will heavily bubble wrap and double box and insure for sale amount and wil ship ground.

“An expert in the field has told me that there was an Italian miniaturist Floriano Pietrocola born in 1809 in Vasto, and who worked in Naples, and died in Sorrento, but has seen no evidence to suggest he ever worked in America.  He agreed  that the miniatures date from around 1840-1850, and he believes the frame also does not appear to be American in style, so he guesses that either the family emigrated to America, or their descendants did. Groups of seven like this are unusual ”

There is also some local interest, so I may end auction early if no bids have been placed.


Floriano Pietrocola