Lucy Madox Brown
Londra 1843- Londra 1894

figlia di Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893) en.wikipedia
e di Elisabeth Bromley (1819ľ1846)

Pittrice spos˛ William Michael 1829-1919, da cui:
Oliva Frances 1875-1950
Gabriel Arthur 1877-1932
Elena Maria Rossetti 1879-1959
Mary Elisabeth Rossetti 1881-
Born in Paris 1843, she was the eldest of Ford Madox Brown's three surviving children. Lucy posed for her father from an early age and later acted as her secretary and studio assistant. She began painting herself in 1868 under the guidance of her father. Her first exhibit was in 1869 and during her career, she appeared largely as a watercolorist with figure compositions drawn from modern life, literature and history. In 1874 she married William Rossetti and had four children in the next seven years. After becoming a mother she painted little and from 1885 showed signs of respiratory disease. Radical in her political and cultural interests, she was a signatory of the national petition for women's suffrage and wrote an unpublished biography of her father.